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Ō paupertās voluntāria!


for Bess

Q: How do you get a philosophy major off of your porch?
A: Pay for the pizza.

hee hee…


Once a week I tutor one of my fifth-grade girls in Latin. Though not head and shoulders above her classmates, she’s certainly bright, and whatever the case may be, she likes to have a bit of extra work to do. So we get together on Thursdays after pick-up and translate the short excerpts of original Latin prose in Wheelock’s Latin. It’s a lot of fun, especially when the

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Liberty, Martyrdom, and the HHS Mandate

Image by Sodoma.

Dear Robert,

Sorry for taking advantage of a “Reply-all” to people I don’t necessarily know, but here goes…

Instead of a “stand up for religious liberty” day, how about a “stand up for Christian conviction even in the face of imminent martyrdom” day?

I do not expect to get my religious liberty back, as the bare minimum of “reasonable religion” which Madison assumed when he wrote the following quotation is no more:

<span style="font-famil

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