Introducing “Confessional Footnotes”: Luther’s Church Postil for the Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity (1544)

With this post I’m starting a series here on Pseudepigrapha called “Confessional Footnotes.” At several points throughout the Book of Concord, a work is cited by the authors as being “a further explication of this topic”, or the statement is… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Schooling: Junior “Culture Warriors” or Vulnerable Lambs?

Originally published August 2010; edited (only slightly) May 2014… A recent conversation with a friend got the wheels turning in my head on the subject of education again, which isn’t necessarily good for anyone — that is, the turning of the… Continue Reading

“Him whom the cross could not daunt nor the grave contain” – a homily on Psalm 75 (Confitebimur Tibi) by Fr. Charles McClean

In our series of meditations on the Book of Psalms we come this evening to Psalm 75, which in a very real sense is a response to Psalm 74. In Psalm 74 the psalmist laments the destruction of Jerusalem, its… Continue Reading

SS. Anselm & Athanasius — yes, I put them together

A common trope among our Eastern Christian brothers’ criticisms of the Western theological tradition is the allegation that St. Anselm of Canterbury — often referred to as “the father of scholasticism” — “ruined” the doctrine of the Atonement by “introducing”… Continue Reading

“To bake or not to bake?” A reflection on Christian liberty and the prerogatives of conscience

Constitutionally speaking, there is no question that a business-owner has a right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. In the absence of considerable moral hazard (the exception), this is just a no-brainer. I’d probably take this to ridiculous… Continue Reading

Justification — Forensic and Real: How the East gets it wrong (and we Lutherans don’t get it…)

Formerly titled The Errors of the Christian East: Justification Dear Robert, I did my best to read through the comment section, though, to be honest, it came across as often unfocused, so I had a hard time finding for myself what… Continue Reading

“The Conduct of the Service: Revisited” – Fr. Charles McClean on liturgical piety and “holding to the traditions”

THE CONDUCT OF THE SERVICE: REVISITED Nota Bene: the following is the text of the keynote address which Fr. Charles delivered at the 2011 St. Michael’s Liturgical Conference at Zion Lutheran Church in Detroit, MI. A (sadly very poor-quality) audio… Continue Reading

Rev. Heath Curtis does a stellar job explicating the doctrine of election without being a Calvinist…

…thus proving that it is, in fact, possible. And essential, actually. In case the deft theologizing and lucid prose do not make it abundantly clear right off the bat, I did not write the essay below. Many thanks to Pastor… Continue Reading