Luther’s Sermon for Trinity 19: On the Old and New Man

At several points throughout the Book of Concord, a work is cited by the authors as being “a further explication of this topic”, or the statement is made that “this entire cause has been carefully and fully treated by Luther… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Schooling: Junior “Culture Warriors” or Vulnerable Lambs?

Originally published August 2010; edited (only slightly) May 2014… A recent conversation with a friend got the wheels turning in my head on the subject of education again, which isn’t necessarily good for anyone — that is, the turning of the… Continue Reading

“Him whom the cross could not daunt nor the grave contain” – a homily on Psalm 75 (Confitebimur Tibi) by Fr. Charles McClean

In our series of meditations on the Book of Psalms we come this evening to Psalm 75, which in a very real sense is a response to Psalm 74. In Psalm 74 the psalmist laments the destruction of Jerusalem, its… Continue Reading

SS. Anselm & Athanasius — yes, I put them together

A common trope among our Eastern Christian brothers’ criticisms of the Western theological tradition is the allegation that St. Anselm of Canterbury — often referred to as “the father of scholasticism” — “ruined” the doctrine of the Atonement by “introducing”… Continue Reading

“To bake or not to bake?” A reflection on Christian liberty and the prerogatives of conscience

Constitutionally speaking, there is no question that a business-owner has a right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. In the absence of considerable moral hazard (the exception), this is just a no-brainer. I’d probably take this to ridiculous… Continue Reading

Justification — Forensic and Real: How the East gets it wrong (and we Lutherans don’t get it…)

Formerly titled The Errors of the Christian East: Justification Dear Robert, I did my best to read through the comment section, though, to be honest, it came across as often unfocused, so I had a hard time finding for myself what… Continue Reading

“The Conduct of the Service: Revisited” – Fr. Charles McClean on liturgical piety and “holding to the traditions”

THE CONDUCT OF THE SERVICE: REVISITED Nota Bene: the following is the text of the keynote address which Fr. Charles delivered at the 2011 St. Michael’s Liturgical Conference at Zion Lutheran Church in Detroit, MI. A (sadly very poor-quality) audio… Continue Reading